Since 2003, MWA has produced several publications. You can download the pdfs below and can order and pay for hard copies using this web-site.

Our newest report: "Local Food, Local Jobs: Job Growth and Creation in the Pioneer Valley Food System" is out now!  

We are proud to share our study, co-authored with the UMass Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, "Promoting Entry to Career Pathways in the Drinking Water and Wastewater Sector" for download.

"Down to Earth: Growing a Sustainable Economy for All" was released in January 2012. See the document with definitions and citations for Down to Earth below. The publication includes the Sustainable Economy Tree and a chart mapping the jobs that can result from adapting to or mitigating the effects of climate change on food, water and shelter, with attendent case studies and stakeholders. 

Contact to order copies.

"Working to Succeed: Individuals, the Commonwealth and Community-Based Organizations"  contains an updated funding flow chart of the Massachusetts workforce development system. To see pdf of this report click here.

"I've had the first version of this MWA workforce development funding map on my wall for years! It's a great way to get a picture of the system and I think it's terrific we have an updated version." -Chairman Michael Rodrigues

To order "Working to Succeed" click here.

Our first report, "An Agenda for a New Governor," has sold out. It contained one of the first funding flow charts of a state workforce development system produced in the nation. It was so successful that the Rockefeller Foundation funded nine other states to replicate the report for their areas. To see a pdf of this report click here.

Our second report, "A Diverse Provider Network Meets Diverse Workforce Needs," has also sold out. It graphically depicted the geography of the Massachusetts' workforce development system.

Often called the "waterfall chart," MWA had produced a one page chart, entitled "Setting Public Policy in Massachusetts' Workforce Development System: The Policy Waterfall Chart," that graphically depicts the federal, state, and regional policy roles which result in service contracts with local providers. Dowload a copy of this chart here.