Board of Directors and Executive Leadership


Board of Directors


Roxanne Longoria, MWA Clerk, Boston Youth Service Network

Joe Diamond, Massachusetts Association for Community Action Programs

Mary McCrae, Independent Consultant

Bonnie Landi, Vision4Success Consulting

Ted Vrountas, Professional Copywriter

James Mackey, I Have A Future


Executive Director


Terry Moran - Terry Moran is the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Workforce Alliance. In addition to his dutiees as the new Executive Director of the Massachusetts Workforce Alliance, has served as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts YouthBuild Coalition since 2011, overseeing the work of the eleven YouthBuild programs in the Commonwealth. Moran began his professional career as a public-school teacher and administrator, before moving on to a career in the field of commercial and residential construction as a union carpenter and general contractor.  Feeling the need to get back to work with young people, Terry discovered YouthBuild in 1994 as the first Director of YouthBuild New Bedford, which combined the skills learned from his previous careers.  During that time, he co-founded the Massachusetts YouthBuild Coalition and became a Board member of the Massachusetts Workforce Alliance, serving as the President and Treasurer of that organization.  He moved on to work at the national level as the Director of State Policy Development at YouthBuild USA, until seeing a need to expand YouthBuild in Massachusetts.  He both developed and directed a new YouthBuild program in Fall River.  In 2010, Terry was named the National Director of the Year by YouthBuild USA.    He has also worked extensively for non-profit organizations, providing training and grant writing services.