Down to Earth

Started in 2009, MWA’s Down to Earth Campaign (D2E) is a policy initiative that used a deliberately economic development lens to look at ways we can advance a sustainable economy that builds on the talents of low-income populations. To do this we have created a multi-disciplinary Steering Committee comprised of:

  • Boston Climate Action Network (BCAN)

  • Boston Youth Environmental Network (BYEN)

  • Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM)

  • Green Justice Coalition/Community Labor United (CLU)

  • Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (MassCOSH)

  • Massachusetts Association for Community Action (MASSCAP)

  • Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations (MACDC)

  • Massachusetts Workforce Alliance (MWA)

  • Youthbuild

Through a series of intensive Steering Committee Meetings, we brainstormed 120+potential ideas for ways to create a sustainable economy with the potential to create accessible jobs -- or career ladders to jobs -- that are safe and have family sustaining wages, while mitigating the effects of climate change. We narrowed our focus to three big arenas of interest where we believe jobs will emerge that meet our criteria: sustainable food systems, water management, and sustainable shelter. Here are some job creation possibilities in these arenas.

FOOD/Greening Food Systems: Laborers, Pipelayers/irrigation, Truck and tractor drivers, Community based educators, Restaurant liaison, CSA organizer, Nutrition educators, Brownfield remediators, Farmers, Marketers, Pest management technicians, Extension agents, Farm cooks, Green roofs for food production (designers, installers , repair people, and harvesters/ tenders), Vertical barn jobs, Fish farmers (including tenders, packers, shippers, facility operators, managers and waste managers),Distribution managers, Food security consultants, University and other institution liaisons, Package designers and packers, Composting professionals.

WATER MANAGEMENT JOBS: Green landscapers, Ditch diggers, Engineers, Project coordinators/managers, Safety officers, Union stewards, Crew chief, Laborers, Welders, Public health officials, Inspectors, green roofers, Water engineers, Conservation safety officers, Regulatory oversight, Extension worker (conservation education), Water auditor, Plant operator, Plant maintenance crew

ENERGY EFFICIENCY/CLEAN ENERGY ON PUBLIC BUILDINGS: Weatherization technician workers, Crew chiefs, Energy auditors, Lighting auditors, HVAC installers/technicians, Trainers, Engineers, Hers raters, Sales people, Carpenters, Plumbers, electricians, weatherization insulators/ caulkers/ etc., instructors for weatherization courses, community outreach workers, crew supervisors, DIY instructors, Community organizers.

To learn more you can contact: Deborah Mutschler: or Alex Risley Schroeder: