Stay tuned for a report from the New Ideas in Educating a Workforce in RE and EE

I'm headed to Troy, NY for a conference on renewable energy/ energy efficiency and workforce development. NY is making great strides in these areas - ahead of us, it seems. I'll post after the conference with tidbits from the conference.

In the meantime, what questions are out there about energy efficiency jobs in Massachusetts? Folks in Cambridge and Boston - what are you learning through the work of your Energy Alliances? Tell us about it some.

Alex Risley Schroeder
Finding Earth Works

about those green jobs...

The green jobs movement is thinking about how to grow jobs by growing industries. Take a look at the report just released by Green for All: Green Collar Jobs in America's Cities ( Its a tool to think strategically about green jobs in your community, about growing green jobs for the participants you work with.

green jobs - ready, set, go green?

Aren't you hearing a lot of buzz about green jobs? And when the buzz is in the air, do you ask yourself: What are 'green jobs'?

I've been listening to the buzz for a couple of years now and asking these questions of folks across MA. The answers are diverse: green jobs are jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency, green jobs are pathways out of poverty, green jobs are jobs that connect to the environment and help address climate change.