City based WD orgs need to be part of building new statewide energy efficiency training system

MA is building a statewide weatherization, energy efficiency and building sciences training system.

NOW is the time to bring your unique expertise about serving low-income, under-skilled individuals to this process. The scope of this endeavor is huge - and so is the opportunity to build career pathways from your program (be it an adult literacy program or a job readiness/skilll training program) to this training system.

Pathways Out of Poverty RFR submission deadline changed

The new deadline for submission is January 29 at 12 noon.

This extension serves community based workforce development organizations well: good skills training programs are embedded in communities and include partnerships with employers, other training and education entities and the public workforce development system. To work these connections must be well-crafted and that takes time. MWA is pleased that EOEEA has extended the deadline.

We CAN build exemplary training sequences for green jobs - LET'S DO IT

The green jobs legislation that passed this summer holds great opportunity for development of skill training for green industry sectors. Programs across the Commonwealth know what it takes to create effective training. You know that effective training needs to include:

Green jobs bill signed! and now the fun begins!

Thank yous all around - to legislators and their staff, to advocates, to community leaders and members. Massachusetts has a green jobs bill!

And now we're ready to figure out how to create jobs in multiple green industry sectors, for MA residents with varying skills and in different communities across the state.

Looking beyond my dark green bubble - spreading the word about green jobs

I was a panelist on a Green Jobs panel at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention a couple of weeks ago. I joined a carpenter who works with MA YouthBuild and a woman who works with JYF Networks, a program providing basic education and skill training. The Dems had a green focus this year bringing Van Jones (THE green collar jobs guy and co-founder of Green for All) to speak both at the convention and then as an opener in the afternoon for a series of workshops called the “Greenest Democrats in the Bluest State”.

All these green job conferences...what am I learning?

In the space of two and a half weeks, I've been to two green jobs conferences: the Hudson Valley Community College Renewable Energy Conference in Troy, NY ( and The Dream Reborn, Green for All's green jobs conference just held in Memphis, TN (

A Good Start: Two-Year Effects of a Freshmen Learning Community Program at Kingsborough Community College

A Good Start: Two-Year Effects of a Freshmen Learning Community Program at Kingsborough Community College - Freshmen in a learning community at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, NY, moved more quickly through developmental English requirements, took and passed more courses, and earned more credits in their first semester than students in a control group. Two years later, they were also somewhat more likely to be enrolled in college. [MDRC Publications]

Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference - what did you learn?

Anyone out there attend last week's Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference? This conference ( brought together labor, activists, policy makers and training providers to draw the big picture of green jobs. Those of you who attended, what did you learn?

Alex Risley Schroeder
Finding Earth Works