Thinking about the Brookings Report on the Clean Economy

"As a matter of aspiration, no swath of the economy has been more widely celebrated as a source of economic renewal and potential job creation. Yet, the clean economy remains an enigma: hard to assess. Not only do “green” or “clean” activities and jobs related to environmental aims pervade all sectors of the U.S. economy; they also remain tricky to define and isolate—and count." 

Help Wanted: 24 Clean Energy Firms Hiring 300 New Employees Right Now

Our friend Kevin Doyle is starting to post workforce related articles on the New England Clean Energy Council blog every other week. Here's the first one:

MASSCEC Announces "Pathways Out of Poverty" Green Collar Job Training Funds

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) today announced a second round of grants available through the Pathways Out of Poverty Program, which funds green job training programs offered by clean energy companies, community-based nonprofit groups, educational institutions, and labor organizations throughout the Commonwealth.

Announcement of Pathways Out of Poverty grants from the CEC

One of the provisions of the Green Jobs Act that passed last summer was that there be money set aside for workforce training projects focused on low and moderate income residents of the Commonwealth that want to enter the emerging green economy. Last month, the Clean Energy Center announced the 5 grants from that program.

We have attached the press release below.

In summary, the five grant went to:

Utility plan will dramatically grow energy efficiency in Massachusetts

The Green Communities Act, passed in MA last summer, requires the utility companies to meet new demand for power through demand reducation and energy efficiency measures. To meet this legislative requirement, the utiltiy companies have developed a plan that will dramatically reduce energy use, save customers money as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an amount equivalent to taking 40% of the cars of the road. It will also create jobs.