Who Are We?


The Massachusetts Workforce Alliance creates true economic opportunity for low-income people by uniting individuals, organizations and coalitions to advance sensible workforce development policy.


We link a broad range of workforce development providers that find common ground in order to better serve our low-income clients. A collaborative statewide effort of coalitions, we see strength in the variety of perspectives our members bring to policy discussions at all levels, along with their commitment to people, exemplary services and strong communities, and steadfast pursuit of excellence.


We create policy solutions after listening carefully to the people that provide and receive services --practitioners and program participants. This grounded approach ensures that the policies we advance are solutions that will work.


Our solutions create opportunities for low-income people to make real and measurable economic gains that will allow them to support themselves and their families. This means helping them to access all the services they need to succeed, and to find employment that offers continued training and mentoring so that they can, over time, advance along a career pathway.



The Massachusetts Workforce Alliance is a 501c3. Contributions to MWA are tax-deductible limited to the excess of the contributions over the fair market value of any items received in exchange for the donation.